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Trabajo Departamento recursos humanos Goya, Corrientes

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Hello; We are loking for a HR Vendor Manager to join our team; The successful candidate will provide first-line assistance and HR delivery to all employees in our firm on general HR related matters which include a wide range of administrative, compliance and talent sourcing...
7 días atrás
 ...series: In the near future, Earth is devastated by a chain of cataclysmic events leading to a pandemic collapse of governments. The human race narrowly escapes Earth with technology amassed by mega-corporations, and colonizes Mars and Venus. As Venus becomes home to the... 
10 días atrás
As a ministry we have come to the very sad realisation that the greatest indictment on all humanity and particularly all professing Christian Faith Churches, is our not facilitating the development and application of each person’s giftings or talents and daily life occupation... 
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 ...vegetables. The characters are Beet and Eggy Egg, who are shown here sitting in a vegetable/fruit bowl on a kitchen counter while a human child is cleaning the fridge. They are having a chat about their similarities and differences, and how they react when cooked, and what... 
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