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Trabajo Y sus elementos Pergamino, Buenos Aires

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I am looking for someone to remove an element from a Broadway cast recording (removing the tap dancing sounds from 42nd Street). Urgent! Please apply for job if interested.
5 días atrás
 ...—its personality, if you will, made to pop. Illustrator may choose to include all or portions of the selected truck plus one other element (flames, car being crushed, a face, an explosion, fireworks, etc.) The image shouldn’t be childlike cartoonish but more like a very... 
21 días atrás
Need exterior and interior photography at retail locations; signs, awnings, architectural elements and lighting. This is in Clarksville,TN and a few other surrounding areas. Please apply for job if interested.
11 días atrás
 ...inside. The hero is and average looking male, who lives in an alpine warrior world, there is a steam punk vibe, with a strong demonic element as well. A horse, a dog and a group of young warriors, are his primary partners in book one. his primary weapons are a long knife... 
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